About us

Findair is a web platform for online searching and booking of flights tickets. Findair is free to use for everyone from all around the world. It can be accessed easily from any device from anywhere. By using our powerful search engine and sophisticated algorithms we are able to find for our users the best possible flight deals and by combining these best deals to show the cheapest possible flight price. Our web platform is simple and easy to use and our booking process takes only few steps to complete.

Our mission

Our founders have huge experience in travel industry and by establishing Findair they had major goal: to make users happy by paying less for the same product. This is not the last word that the world will hear from us, we will continue to improve constantly and add many new features into our platform and combine many new products in it.

For more information about us or any other questions, you can use our “Contact us” page from the top menu or click here directly.